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Classic and modern hats are becoming trendy with men. If you’ve got classic and modern hats to sell, trust Consignment Shop Online.

Wearing hats have been practiced by many since the longest time. Initially, the purpose of a headwear is to protect the head from the elements until it became a good fashion statement for most people. Some of the most popular types of hats among men are the following:

Fedora Hats are a favorite because they can be worn all year round and looks fine with anything. Indiana Jones and John Dillinger also love this type.

Trilby Hats are also called the gentleman’s fedora because they look almost exactly the same. Don Draper of the Mad Men particularly loves wearing this type of hat.

Boater Hats is a more formal hat and is not easy to wear with any outfit like the Fedora. It can surely look good with a suit like The Great Gatsby’s.

Whether the purpose of the hats you’re selling is protection or fashion, Consignment Shop Online will help you sell them for the best price possible.

Listings for Men’s Hats

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