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Shirts are very important in a man’s wardrobe. There are basically five best and common types of men’s shirt although there are many different types in the market.

Dress Shirt – is the most formal type of men’s shirt which is usually worn with suits and casual outfits. This type has Windsor or point collar and has longer back.

Grandad Shirt – is a vintage designed shirt with no collar, instead, it usually has four buttons. This type of shirt is usually made from flannel, brush cotton or Irish Linen.

Oxford Shirt – is made of high-quality cotton, making it very durable and comfortable. Depending on your mood, this shirt can keep things formal or casual.

Checkered Shirt – is a hipster staple with subtle color. Wearing this shirt will add a playful tone to your outfit.

Denim Shirt – is another classic type of shirt for men as it has been worn since the early 1800’s. This shirt is usually for casual outfits.

These, among other types of shirts, are in demand among men. Whichever brand you have, let Consignment Shop Online handle the selling.

Listings for Men’s Shirts

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