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Dresses and gowns! They come in different types and have different purposes. Some are in full-length and some are not. During the old times in Europe, both men and women wore gowns, but men seemed to have shifted to other formal wears other than gowns. There are formal gowns, evening gowns, wedding gowns, etc. Each is worn according to what an event demands.


If you just need one for an upcoming event, you better check our items below. They come with different styles and prices. Feel free to glance over our products and decide to take your pick. They are offered at very affordable prices too! Do not miss this opportunity to own that beautiful dress that seems just perfect for the event you are attending. Be the first to contact the seller, or otherwise, you might be too late and lose your item. Get your orders now!

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1920’s Beaded Dress

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Vintage 1920’s Beaded dress size 12 (757-831-4480)

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